€ 14,50

Safely remove flash rust, brake dust, tar and deposits with the Clay Bar from LARS.

You can use the Clay from Lars to smooth your paint layer, after applying the Clay your car will feel mirror smooth. This makes it easy to apply the other products to your paint layer. The Clay also extends the effect of your applied products. The Clay bar from Lars is safe to use on all paint colors, even on the plastic covers of your headlights and taillights. Use this product for moderate pollution such as flash rust, brake dust, tar, precipitation and bird droppings. Restore the mirror-smooth feel of your vehicle!

What makes clay different from polishing?

Many people do not know much about using a Clay Bar yet, this is because professionals only used this technique. Clay is of course less abrasive than with polishing. Clay ensures that foreign particles are extracted from the paint, creating a mirror-smooth surface, which makes the car easier to wax. You really use polishing for filling / removing scratches and removing imperfections from your car paint.

Note: Use this product in combination with the Clay Lube for optimal results!