LARS Snow Foam Green2

€ 20,95

Green, thick foam and unique .. That is the Snow Foam Green from LARS.

The Snow Foam Green has been developed in collaboration with professional developers. It is a green colored foam designed to safely wash your vehicle. The solution can be used safely without leaving stains. The subtle sweet scent, which can be smelled long after application, makes washing very pleasant. The foam is made of molecules that effectively remove dirt, this works very well as a prewash. The solution has a neutral PH value, this softens the dirt while remaining completely safe for the surface. The foam also works well against stubborn dirt. Our product is not harmful to the vehicle's wax coat and rubbers. The foam is firm and stable if used in the correct dosage. This product guarantees a professional result.


● Apply the solution to the surface to be cleaned. Make sure you have the right concentration so that you achieve the desired result.

● Add the foam to the surface to be cleaned and wait a few minutes without the foam to dry.

● Then rinse the vehicle thoroughly under high pressure. Do not add the product to a warm surface. For best results, do not apply the foam in full sun. Use gloves while handling the foam.

We recommend that you dilute this product using this guideline 1: 5 - 1:10