€ 15,95

Lars Quick Wax has been developed in collaboration with professional developers. This is an ideal solution for waxing your car quickly. The solution contains Carnauba wax, this is made from the Brazilian Copra plant. This product provides a long-term protection of the paint layer and is easy to apply. The fast hardening characterizes this great product. Our product gives your vehicle a clear and deep color, this gives a so-called "wet paint" effect. This product ensures a hydrophobic effect that repels dirt and water. The effect is visible for months, this of course depends on the weather conditions.

Easy to spray on and rub off. It is so quick and easy to wax a car in a few minutes! The protection and the water drop effect, on the other hand, remain for weeks!


● This product is ready for use. Before use, shake the product on a cleaned surface.

● Use a soft cloth to apply this product on a dry surface. The method of application ultimately determines the length of action. You can also use the product on a wet surface.

● then rinse it under high pressure to speed up the process.