€ 15,95

Draw attention with the Quick Detailer from LARS, go for a car full of shine!

Do you value a clean car and time? Then this product is ideal for you! Only a few minutes of work with a good result. This special formula provides a beautiful shine and also protects the applied wax layer and coatings. The Quick Detailer also provides a water-repellent effect, as of today your car will look perfect again!

Other quick detailers look at the LARS Quick Detailer in amazement. Simply spray on and rub until a deep shine appears, or the "wet look". Perfect to use between washes and to boost your existing wax layer.

Can also be used on matt lacquers and wraps!

What is so special about this Quick Detailer is that it can also be used on matte surfaces. This Detailer provides a matte and satin finish. What is dull must remain dull!


Shake before use

● Apply this product by spray

● Rub the product with a cloth

● Wait a few minutes and wipe the surface with a dry cloth